Loloma is Fijian for Love

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Our Story

Loloma is a Fijian born company created by a mothers plight to soothe her children of uncomfortable eczema.
Daunted by the amount of chemicals in different pharmaceutical creams, she looked towards nature or answers.

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Our Environment

Fiji’s islands are considered to be one of the worlds most pristine ecosytsems. Fiji consists of 322 islands, of which 106 are inhabited, the remainder of which have been left as nature reserves.

The islands are mountainous. with peaks up to 1,300 metres and covered with tropical forests. Organic coconuts are delicately handpicked and harvested. Pure organic virgin coconut oil is then filtered through a natural process to attain it’s purest form, bringing love by nature to you.

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Our Process

Sourced from organic plantations from the pristine, crystal clear pollutant free islands, organic coconuts are delicately handpicked and harvested.

Mature coconuts with the softest flesh are cracked open and squeezed by hand using pure rain water. They are then sun-dried before being sent to the processing house to undergo a unique filtration process using steam. No chemicals nor additives are used in the process.

The perfect natural scent and texture is reached. Bringing love by nature to you.