Baby Love


Loloma loves babies from top to toe.. how cute is the ‘hair whorl’ on our beautiful baby model?

Did you know there is a belief that the direction of a hair swirl can predict whether the next sibling might be a boy or a girl? Stories tell a swirl to the right (clockwise) will mean a boy, and a swirl to the left (counter-clockwise) will mean girl!

Did you also know that cradle cap for newborns can be treated? The pureness of organic virgin coconut oil quickly gets to work on this skin condition which occurs in about 10% of newborns. Apply a tiny amount of Loloma to the scalp to loosen the dry patches and leave for five minutes. Wet the hair with warm water. Then simply use a soft brish or washcloth to rub the area. Free from chemicals and full of pure love for newborn skin. Nourish and protect. Love, Loloma xx