The humble coconut...

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Mother nature loves it when we use her gifts exactly as she intended... We have a lot to thank the humble coconut for … We've created a list of our top ten amazing uses for coconut oil ... some will surprise you!

#1 An all over moisturiser for the entire family - baby, kids, teens (you won't get it back!) and the parents… did you know its even great to use on your family pets?!

#2 On Eczema - our business began with us using Loloma to treat our son’s uncomfortable eczema, keep an eye out for our testimonials sharing their Loloma love

#3 Use on diaper rash - the thick natural oil acts as a barrier on the skin

#4 Massage - Babies and parents will enjoy this indulgence. You can even add essential oils like lavender to assist sleep (for baby and you!)

#5 Apply to Stretch marks and scar tissue - this healing balm works wonders on restoring the skin to its optimum health

#6 Apply directly to babies scalps to nourish and protect it from cradle cap

#7 Massage onto the scalp and hair as a moisturising treatment

#8 Loloma’s oil makes an ideal all-natural eye makeup remover

#9 Use on your cuticles as a natural oil - those over-worked hands will love you for it

#10 Make a homemade baby wash by mixing Loloma with organic castile soap and water
(image credit: Jonas Ducker)